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Commercial Design

In the 1970's the Village of Wilmette moved its 19th century train station three blocks west in order to build a new commuter station. That building, the oldest in Wilmette, sat unused for years until our client leased it from the Village and retained our firm to reconfigure this historic structure as a restaurant with featuring a "Latin Cuisine". The solution preserved the original structure with the old Waiting Room now serving as the Dining Room and included a new addition, housing Kitchen & bathrooms, that was visually consistent with the 19th century Structure, pleasing both our Client and Village Preservationists.

An old Auto Showroom & Service facility built in the 1920’s was given new life as three Office Condo spaces. Located on Central Street in NW Evanston, the original brick walls and large exposed wood bow trusses that support the roof were cleaned and restored forming the backdrop for the new occupants. The street façade was glazed using aluminum storefront glass, all new mechanicals were installed and an acid etched stained concrete floor was poured. The building was then subdivided into three separate Office Condos.